Douglas Berti is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who is a recording artist and songwriter. He has recorded 4 albums and has made waves with his EP "Lullabies for Mermaids" in Belgium, captivating audiences across Europe with sold-out concerts in Brussels, Waterloo, and Bordeaux. With a solid 9 years of experience in the cruise ship scene, Douglas has rocked the stages of the main cruise lines in US and Europe. He is a dynamic performer with a captivating stage presence honed through years of experience. Douglas has delivered jaw-dropping shows honoring Elton John, The Eagles, Billy Joel, and Michael Bublé. In his latest show, entitled "Songs for You" – in which he wrote all the arrangements, – Douglas unleashes a collection of timeless hits from artists like Journey, Bonnie Raitt, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, and of course, Elton John.

Through the years

His musical journey began at the age of 9 when he made his TV debut on the popular Brazilian show "Do Re Mi". From there, he joined forces with a trio, recorded an album of holiday music for children, and later on rocked out touring for 7 years with the pop-rock group Mono Stereo. Back in 2016, he went solo and has since been captivating audiences worldwide with his dynamic performances, masterful musicality, and captivating presence. You can find Douglas Berti's music on YouTube, Spotify, and all major streaming platforms.